By Brother Michael Sanders

May 1998

Reprinted by Permission


Goodbye for now, my kind old friend.

We've been partners and brothers, Through thick and through thin.


In life we shared blood, in Christ the same name.

And on the other side, we'll do it again.


I loved you, my heart, as we fought side by side.

You were brave in the battle and hard you did ride.


You're now there with them and you left us behind,

But we'll all join again, where there is no time.


You kept the faith and you did not fail.

So we'll ride once more, the old gospel trail.


With the armor of God and the sword in your hand.

You departed with a shout for the Great Beulah Land.


Just a few more days and we'll all be with you.

To drink the cup of God and to drink it anew.


Then we'll not look back, nor will we sigh,

But grab the reins and take to the sky.


And shout while passing through the air,

"Farewell, farewell, sweet hour of prayer!"








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